Enlte launched the blueprint of their anti hackable Email “Bchain Email”.

As stated earlier Enlte is working on the blockchain-based email system, now they are ready to launch white paper of their anti hackable email system based on enlte blockchain named as Bchain email.

Email is the oldest and one of the most successful and used communication mediums available. Approximate 496 Billion emails are sent and received around the world every day.
Approximate 3.7 Billion email users worldwide which count to 85% of the total internet penetration.

Enlte is going to capture a tremendous market of Email users by securing their Emails from spam and unwanted messages. Along with this, users will be able to send a transaction from Bchain Email all over the world and that too securely and efficiently with the help of enlte blockchain.

272 million email records and passwords of email accounts are being offered to be purchased on the Dark Web for under $200.

Bchain email is a blockchain-based email service. Bchain uses asymmetric encryption, meaning only receiver and sender can read emails with his/her private key, providing transcendent security and privacy.

Bchain email integrates with browsers and existing email web apps to allow easy access to blockchain and send private, secure and encrypted emails.

Bchain Email is ready to secure your Email from spam and make it great again

They are ready with their team to work for the people who take their emails seriously and want them to be secure and more useful than today.

Lets make your email great again.

Stay tuned for the ultimate launch of the enlte Bchain email white paper, realising soon.

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